“Pass It On” is the theme used to support a new STEM After School Program for high school students, (AYA) Airolina Young Aviator Program. The program introduces students to aviation as a possible career choice. Boeing Aircraft Co. has forecast the need for 82,000 new commercial airline pilots and well over 100,000 commercial airline maintenance technicians over the next 20 years. The high cost of training, coupled with the high cost of college education required to qualify for these new careers, make it difficult for students to meet the eligibility requirements to enter into the aviation arena. The Airolina STEM Program can be instrumental in giving our high school students a head start as they garner interest in career opportunities in the field of aviation. Two of the artists on the CD, Tom Browne and Warren Wheeler, both commercial pilots, pioneered this vision with their talents supported by the board members of AYA and the community, so that this career opportunity could become a reality for our high school youth. Your contributions are welcomed.