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Preserve the Heritage...Embrace the Experience!
Preserve the Heritage...
Embrace the Experience!

2018 Film List


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Drama (US), Dirs. Alison Guessou & Justin Christopher Ayd. 20 mins.
A 911 dispatcher answers a distressed call from a couple stopped for a suspicious car reported.


Agent Hollywood
Comedy (US), Dir. Anthony Michael Hobbs. 13 mins.
Agent Hollywood is a film about a kid actor who is also a secret agent. His days are filled with Hollywood, homework, and henchmen.


Documentary (US), Dir. Garrett Bradley. 12 mins.
With her fiancé in jail, single mother Alone Watts must decide whether to go through with their wedding.


ArtCity, Guadeloupe to Cameroon
Documentary (Guadeloupe), Dir. Jonathan Drumeaux. 16 mins.
Filmmaker Jonathan Drumeaux has once-in-a-lifetime experiences traveling from Guadeloupe to Cameroon for the ArtCity short film festival.


Bad Mexican
Comedy (Uganda), Dir. Loukman Ali.
Joseph’s dream to submit his award-winning film script to an influential producer is shattered by the bad Mexican food he eats the day before, and a loan shark looking to be repaid.


Beyond All
Drama (US), Dir. Isaac Hughes Green. 9 mins.
After being ousted from a small town police force, a former sergeant ‘Sarge’ protects his sons ‘Wesley’ and ‘Brooke’ from becoming caught up in the scandal that cost him his job.


Black Beach/White Beach (Work-in-progress)
Documentary (US), Dir. Ricky Kelly, Prod. Cherie Kelly, Co-producer David Iversen.
1 hr., 15 mins.

With its long history of segregation, Myrtle Beach, SC reluctantly hosts two national bike festivals on back-to-back weekends — one primarily white, one predominantly black — causing racial tensions to reach a boiling point every spring in this seaside community.


Animation (US), Dir. David Francis-Vaughan. 1 min.
A game of catch between two friends where fantasy runs a little too wild.


Drama/Comedy (US), Dir. John Berry. 1 hr. 32 mins.
Claudine, a single mother, strives to provide for her six children in Harlem working as a maid. She meets a charming man named Roop, and must decide if their romance will ultimately work.


Cooley High
Drama (US), Dir. Michael Schultz. 1 hr., 47 mins.
In 1964, a group of high school friends who live on the North Side of Chicago enjoy life to the fullest…parties, hanging out, meeting new friends. Then life changes for two of the guys when they meet a pair of career criminals.


Cut Off
Thriller (US), Dir. Jowan Carbin. 1 hr., 45 mins.
Struggling to adapt to his new life in New Orleans, Clive accepts an invitation from Trevor, his former professor, to enjoy a getaway at his country home on the bayou in Cut Off, Louisiana, so he can gain a new perspective. However, Trevor’s plan to help Clive deal with his demons will involve him in an extremist hate group.


Daddy’s Girl
Drama (US), Dir. Jeanette McDuffie. 9 mins.
On the day of her tenth birthday party, Lia wants nothing more than to have her unreliable father attend. When he doesn’t show up, she’s forced to face some real world realities.


The dust doesn’t want to come out of the Esqueleto
Documentary (Brazil), Dirs. Daniel Santiso & Max William. 20 mins.
Four inhabitants of the state of Rio de Janeiro are part of the removals that are happening now in the Metrô-Mangueira favela community. They tell us stories that arise from looking at images of the removal of the Esqueleto community that happened in the same place, five decades earlier.


Dvkr: Infinity Room
Drama (US), Dir. Jonathan Jackson. 14 mins.
The daughter of a powerful senator is kidnapped, as Cinque Williams, a young African American lawyer, finds himself in a similar situation. As time ticks, Cinque tries to figure out why he’s in “The Infinity Room” and discovers how American politics and rhetoric can turn into a battle of wits between the privileged and the rest of America, where the privileged actually pull the strings.


Freedom Summer
Documentary (Canada), Dir. Lu Asfaha. 12 mins.
Black Lives Matter Toronto circumvent expectations by engaging in their most ambitious protest yet, a summer camp for young children.


Girls Like Me: a self/love story
Drama (US), Dir. Aisha Raison. 7 mins.
A woman’s poetic video diary journey speaks of trauma, abuse…then enlightenment.


Hey Little Black Girl
Documentary (US), Dir. Lyntoria Newton. 13 mins.
Sometimes even imagination is not a strong enough shield to protect us from the contamination of the world but once upon a time there was a little black girl. This story is told through vignettes of little black girls of yesterday and today meeting viewers at the intersection between youthful imagination and adult reality.


How They Sway
Documentary (US), Dir. Jaad Asante. 15 mins.
How They Sway is a short documentary which chronicles a winter season of Atlanta’s Ballethnic – a ballet company composed primarily of black ballerinas. The company prepares for their take on the classic Tchaikovsky ballet, which they’ve named “The Urban Nutcracker.


Killer of Sheep
Drama (US), Dir. Charles Burnett. 1 hr., 23 mins.
Set in the Watts area of Los Angeles, a slaughterhouse worker must suspend his emotions to continue working at a job he finds repugnant, and then he finds he has little sensitivity for the family he works so hard to support. Killer of Sheep was declared a national treasure by the Library of Congress in 1990 and has been named one of the 100 essential films of all time by the National Society of Film Critics.


The Knot
Drama (Saint Lucia), Dir. Davina Lee. 15 mins.
A couple uses magic to bind their relationship together, and then must undo what they’ve done once thrill is gone.


Documentary (US), Dir. Derwin Graham. 9 mins.
Making it through football was always Plan A, but finding out ADHD was hindering his ability to learn a playbook efficiently wasn’t part of the plan. Lache Seastrunk, a former football standout, strives to overcome a newfound trial in hopes of still making it in the NFL.


Experimental (US), Dir. Raquez Rouse. 8 mins.
In a society where being black has been seen as a curse, Melanin comprises the perspectives of the black man and woman in a brief poetic monologue. 


Documentary (US), Philippe Roc. 3 mins.
Short, visual poetic film on a Haitian migrant in Tijuana, Mexico.


Millennials of the Movement: Prelude
Documentary (US), Dirs. Kenneth Campbell, Ambria McNeill, & Kelly Ann Sims. 20 mins.
Millennials of the Moral Movement: Prelude is a short documentary, filmed at the Moral March in Raleigh, NC on Feb. 11, 2017. The film follows one #BlackLivesMatter activist, a Black Workers for Justice activist, and an NAACP activist as they find their voices at the people’s assembly. 


New Neighbors
Drama (US), Dir. E.G. Bailey, Prods. E.G. Bailey & Sha Cage. 9 mins.
How far will a mother go to protect her children?


Nothing but Love in God’s Water
Documentary (US), N.C. Central University’s Bull City Doc Squad. 25 mins.
This documentary explores the past and present of the city’s legendary White Rock Baptist Church. White Rock has been (and still is) home to many of the city’s black leaders, including key figures that established Durham’s Black Wall Street and North Carolina Central University. 


Olde E
Drama (US), Dir. Xavier L. Neal-Burgin. 15 mins.
Demarkus Jackson, a young basketball star from South Central, Los Angeles, puts his life at risk when he comes home for revenge against his abusive father.


Professional Black Girl – season 1, 2 episodes (Omi, Amber & Ashley)
Documentary series (US), Dir./Prod. Yaba Blay. 7 mins. 15 mins.
Dr. Yaba Blay’s original video series created to celebrate everyday Black womanhood, and to smash racist and “respectable” expectations of how they should “behave.”


The Reservoir series, work-in-progress
Documentary series (US), Dir./Prod. Lana Garland. 10 mins. each
What does it take for Black people to survive (emotional, economic, psychological) in America today? This series explores strategies taken by individuals to make their ways through life.


Comedy (US), Dir. Jason R. A. Foster. 13 mins.
A struggling actor deals with the trappings of having an inept agent, going to non-sensical audition and dealing with an oblivious customer–in the span of one day.


Secrets of the Magic City
Drama (US), Dir. R. Malcolm Jones. 1 hr. 20mins.
Sisters Tiana and Nia, abandoned by their drug-addicted mother, become one of the many children placed in the Florida foster care system. The system splits up the two sisters and once they are reunited they vow to each other never to be separated again.


See You Yesterday
Drama/Sci fi (US). Dir. Stefon Bristol.15 mins.
Presented by Spike Lee, two Brooklyn teenage prodigies, CJ Walker and Sebastian Thomas, build makeshift time machines to save CJ’s brother, Calvin, from being wrongfully killed by a police officer.


Super mama
Drama (Tanzania), Dir. Christina Pande. 13 mins.
Matama is a woman who loves and cares for her daughter Bona. Bona is unhappy because she is teased about not having gone through the traditional janvini ritual. However things get worse when Matama fights with her husband to prevent Bona from going through janvini, otherwise known at female genital mutilation.


Tourments d’amour (Torments of Love)
Drama (France), Dir. Caroline Jules, 53 mins.
On an island off the coast of Guadeloupe, two sisters, Myriam and Vanessa, have planned to stay for a few days in the family house, where the sweet memory of their grandmother is still vivid. But Vanessa is not aware that a particular guest is expected for lunch. When she catches sight of her father, a cold and quiet man that she didn’t want to see anymore, it is too late to escape the confrontation.


The Tale of Four
Drama (US), Dir. Gabourey Sidibe. 23 mins.
The Tale of Four, Gabourey Sidibe’s directorial debut is a multi-layered story that spans one day in the life of four different women who are connected through their quest for love, agency and redemption. Inspired by Nina Simone’s song, “Four Women,” this narrative explores the inner lives of Aunt Sarah; bound and burdened by duty, Saffronia; who is searching for identity, Sweet Thing; who looks to reconcile sex with love and Peaches; who seeks justice for her son.


The Unseen
Drama (Namibia), Dir. Perivi Katjavivi. 1 hr. 10 mins.
Unfolding more like a conversation than a narrative, The Unseen follows the story of three wandering souls as they navigate the emotional and physical realities of post-colonial Namibia. It’s a collection of philosophical musings on what it means to be alive in independent Namibia. It intentionally blurs the line between fiction and documentary.


They Charge For the Sun
Drama/Sci-fi (US), Dir. Terence Nance. 16 mins.
In a dystopian future where people live nocturnally to avoid the harmful rays of the sun, a young black girl unravels the lie that has kept her and her sister in the dark.


Walk For Me
Drama (US), Dir. Elegance Bratton. 12 mins.
A contemporary coming out story about a boy named Hassan who explores his trans identity voguing as a girl named Hanna and the night her two worlds collide.


White Face
Drama (US), Dir. Mtume Gant. 21 mins.
New York Actor Charles Rogers hates his skin and all that hardship that comes with it. Feeling trapped by his race, Charles believes he has found the solution to his problems – change his appearance to embody ‘Whiteness’ – erase all that he has ever been and join the group he’s believes he should be a part of. But is this ever possible?


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