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Preserve the Heritage...Embrace the Experience!
Preserve the Heritage...
Embrace the Experience!

April – Drive In’s are Back! – Hayti Film Next Level


March 25, 2022. Durham, NC – Drive-ins return to the line-up in April for the Hayti Film Next Level series. These screenings are in partnership with the Lincoln Community Health Center and will take place in the parking lot at 1301 Fayetteville St. in Durham, NC.

Friday, April 8th @ 7:30pm Many Fires This Time: We the 100 Million

Many Fires This Time: We the 100 Million is a poetic documentary about the 1 in 3 Americans and counting, living in economic insecurity. It follows the journey of poet and activist A Scribe Called Quess? as he connects with fellow activist poets and the communities they represent from Oakland to Chicago to Kentucky to his hometown of New Orleans.


Along the way, we glimpse into the worlds of everyday people fighting for equity and justice in issues ranging from housing and gentrification to police violence, to environmental crises and job security, to education, to LGBTQIA equality. In the spirit of the impending fire that James Baldwin prophetically spoke of in this country’s last season of a major uprising, “Many Fires” employs spoken word poetry, choreography, and community interviews, to form a poetic love letter to the many revolutionary struggles aflame in today’s America.

Directed by Jason Foster.


Saturday, April 9th @ 7:30pm Big Chief, Black Hawk

Terrance Williams Jr. aka Big Chief Tee is the Big Chief of The Black Hawk Hunters, a Mardi Gras Indian Tribe that carries on the Mardi Gras Masking Indian tradition. Every year, Big Chief Tee and his tribe create elaborate and beautiful suits, preparing to parade every Mardi Gras morning. It’s already a daunting task, but Terrance succeeds while also being a 10th grader at Isidore Newman High School, as well as an athlete and a band member. This documentary gives us a peek into Terrance’s life, following him as he continues to carry the torch of tradition in the midst of a deadly pandemic and civil unrest due to the killing of black males. In order to explore exactly how Terrance is carrying the torch, Big Chief, Black Hawk also explores some of the history of the Mardi Gras Masking Indian culture, the relationships between Native Americans and African Americans in and around New Orleans, and the changing demographics of New Orleans.


Big Chief, Black Hawk provides a cohesive look into why tradition and culture are so important to the African American community in New Orleans today. Through interviews and storytelling, we look into the past to introduce you to the future, displaying how the past has been passed onto the present.

Directed by Jonathan Isaac Jackson. **Filmmaker will be in attendance.

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Our drive-ins are back! Watch amazing films while we safely tailgate our way into spring. Still a little cautious? Then screen from the comfort of your own home.

Whether in your car or at home… WE GOT YOU!

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