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Preserve the Heritage...Embrace the Experience!
Preserve the Heritage...
Embrace the Experience!

Confessions of a Lounge Singer

 Confessions of a Lounge Singer is an exploration of the joy and pain of artistry. At the height of the ‘60s popular lounge singer Earl “Treetops” Johnson is struggling to hold onto his dreams, find love, and meet expectations set by those around him. Many artists come to find their voices in lounges or coffee shops, sharing their work at the open mic and gaining popularity with each new piece. They soon feel the tug of their passion at their soul. It leaves them seeking to balance the pull of their community and the city they made their name in, the struggle to find space for love and companionship, and the pursuit of their own aspirations and dreams. See Earl deal with his unrequited love for Songbird, his overbearing boss, City, and the challenge of being the hottest show in town. Come take this journey inside the soul of a poet…I mean lounge singer. This is a story full of vivid characters, musical performances, and brilliantly delivered spoken word.


When: Sunday, September 23rd, 2018


Cost: $15 in advance for tickets | $20 day of show


Tickets can be purchased online at www.blackpoetrytheatre.com or in cash at the Hayti Heritage Center box office


For more info contact: blackpoetrytheatre@gmail.com or 980-552-0107

Chris Massenburg is Dasan Ahanu
Poet, Emcee, Writer, Playwright, Performance Artist, Lecturer, Educator


Alumni Nasir Jones Fellow – Hip Hop Archive at the Hutchins Center for African & African American Research, Harvard University
Resident Artist – St. Joseph’s Historic Foundation/Hayti Heritage Center
Managing Director – Black Poetry Theatre
Member – Black Jedi Zulu
Founder/Coordinator/Coach – Jambalaya Soul Slam/Bull City Slam Team


Jambalaya Soul Slam: www.bullcitypoetryslam.com
Black Poetry Theatre: www.blackpoetrytheatre.com
Black Jedi Zulus: www.blackjedizulu.com


Write free…speak free…LIVE FREE!


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