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Preserve the Heritage...Embrace the Experience!
Preserve the Heritage...
Embrace the Experience!

Death Of Cochise

It is summer. Two emcee poets leave home to meet and prepare for their show that night. As they navigate through the city, they witness rising tensions and frustrations at every corner. Families are struggling, the youth are anxious and blackness is being manipulated. When news of a life lost hits, the two artists know they have to do something before the community explodes. Can they use their show as a way to provide healing and direction to those who feel pushed to the edge and overlooked?

Told through a combination of verse, drama, and imagery, Death of Cochise takes audiences on a journey through identity, culture, struggle, responsibility and accountability. This multi-media production stars award winning poets and performing artists Dasan Ahanu and Bluz. Led by these two dynamic artists, this Hip Hop and Spoken Word production uses the art of emceeing, cinematography, and compelling storytelling to talk about Black life and the value of Black creative expression.

Death of Cochise was created by Dasan Ahanu and is directed by Quentin Talley. It was commissioned and is being presented by the Hayti Heritage Center and the Wilson Center at Cape Fear Community College. This production was made possible with support provided by the National Performance Network (NPN).


Death of Cochise, Bluz & Dasan Ahanu


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