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Preserve the Heritage...Embrace the Experience!
Preserve the Heritage...
Embrace the Experience!

Jambalaya Soul Slam presents Love Anyway: The Tour w/ Breeze The Poet

Jambalaya Soul Slam presents
Love Anyway: The Tour with Breeze The Poet


A special Jambalaya Soul Slam + Bull City Slam Team fundraising event!


Doors open at 7:30pm
Show starts at 8:00pm


$15 in advance
$20 at the door


“Love Anyway” is a spoken word, one-man show about a black man and his relationship(s) with love. Wanting it, having it, losing it, chasing it, realizing he never had it in the first place, figuring out how to actually obtain it. The will to love and the demons that possess it. Naming those demons and dealing with the traumas that make it hard for us to love/be love. Taking it all, the hurt pain, broken, beautiful and awesome, and learning how to Love Anyway! Especially my/yourself!


Featuring performances by the Bull City Slam Team!


About the artist:
Frederick Eberhardt aka Breeze the Poet is a father, spoken word artist, author, french fry aficionado and hugs enthusiast. The National Poetry Slam Champion (with SlamCharlotte 2018) runs LifeLinePoetry LLC, an organization built around helping adults and children find the love (poetry) in everything around them through workshops and events. He was ranked 10th at the 2018 Individual World Poetry Slam, is 7x King of the South Slam Champion, and is a TV1 Verses & Flow alumnus.


About the mission:
Breeze The Poet has been grinding his way into the hearts and minds of audiences across the country for more than 10 years. He belief that is gifts will make a way for him, is what motivate him to keep pushing throw adverse circumstances, and his understanding that faith without works is dead, is why he works so hard at his craft. Even through adverse circumstances he has prevailed and persevered, never losing sight of his purpose of touching as many misunderstood hearts as possible so they can understand that they are not alone. Breeze is looking to take his career to the next step by submitting his work into the college circuit. Though a rigorous and expensive task, the investment will certainly bring an end to the starving artist cycle he’s been stuck for so long, as well as broaden the horizons and open up more opportunities for his future in spoken word.


For more information: jambalayasoulslam@gmail.com
www.bullcitypoetryslam.com | www.hayti.org


This project was supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.

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