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Preserve the Heritage...Embrace the Experience!
Preserve the Heritage...
Embrace the Experience!

The Hip Hop South: A Conversation with Regina N. Bradley

Join us for a reading and discussion with writer and researcher Regina Bradley. Dr. Bradley will begin the evening with a reading from her 2017 short story collection, Boondock Kollage: Stories from the Hip Hop South. The reading will be followed by a conversation with Duke University Professor Mark Anthony Neal. Audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions, and a book-signing and reception will conclude the evening. 

Boondock Kollage is a collection of twelve short stories addressing issues of race, place, and identity in the post-Civil Rights American South. National Book Award winner Jesmyn Ward (Salvage the Bones; Sing, Unburied, Sing) says of Bradley’s writing:


“Boondock Kollage is an intricate collection of stories that will be new yet deeply familiar to any reader. These tales are new because they take place in rural Georgia, in a specific tree and lake studded landscape peopled with small, particular communities; they are familiar because the characters that people this place, with their wide, sloped shoulders, their intricate wigs, the way they shuffle and joke and comfort and misunderstand and shore each other up, are achingly human. In Bradley’s hands, these varied pieces cohere into a deeply compelling, moving work of art. This collection will be deeply satisfying for the reader who wants to experience the full range of human emotion, who wants to feel fear, triumph, bone-deep sadness, and bright joy, because this author does it all.”


In addition to being a critically acclaimed fiction writer, Dr. Regina Bradley is an accomplished scholar of popular culture, race, sound studies, the American South, and African American literature and Assistant Professor of English and African Diaspora Studies at Kennesaw State University.


Co-sponsored by the Forum for Scholars and Publics; Scalawag magazine; the Department of African & African American Studies; the Center for Arts, Digital Culture, and Entrepreneurship; Duke Council on Race and Ethnicity


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