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Preserve the Heritage...Embrace the Experience!
Preserve the Heritage...
Embrace the Experience!

Third Friday Tasting Pop Up

December 20, 2019


Hayti Heritage Center | 804 Old Fayetteville St | Durham, NC 27701


TapCock’s #DrinkBetter is the perfect pop-up for a Friday night. TapCork is going to enhance the fun with great craft and local beverages. Beer from brands like Ponysauraus, Harlem’s Brew and Spaceway and wine from Den of Thieves, Amour Geneve & Shoegaze. The night ends with a dynamic performance of music and poetry. Booze is great for gift giving and that big holiday, kwanzaa, new year’s party. Come get some Black & Local owned booze!

Curated by Dasan Ahanu & Tai Allen

TapCork Durham is a block party with great sips of beer and wine. You know the crafty type, the black-owned type, the brewed in Caribbean type and the MADE in NC type. Sponsored by The Hayti Heritage Center, TapCork Durham supports programming like the Jambalaya Soul Slam and Jambalaya Soul Academy.

info: tapcorkfest@gmail.com | https://tapcorkfest.com/

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