Return to Revive

Return to Revive


A Hayti Homecoming

Celebrating Black History Month


Like any meaningful homecoming, you must Return in order to Revive. It is the return to home, to family and to ancestral lands.  This homecoming connection always ushers in the spirit of revival. It’s reconnecting to places and people that we cherish.  Return to Revive is about relationships and belonging.  This exhibit will encapsulate our collective memories and acknowledge where we are, the remembrance of those that came before us, and the honoring of the present. The only way we Revive our future is to Return back to our roots.

This exhibit will also coincide with our 29th Annual Film Festival, March 7th-9th .

                                          Exhibit Opens – Feb. 1st

                               Exhibit Closes – March 10th

                                                3rd Friday

                               Artist Talk Back & Reception

                                             Fri.  Feb. 16th

                                                6pm – 9pm