Black Voices present in every medium. 

Whether photography, collage or watercolor.

Our visuals tell a history.

Our story is told through the eyes of our Visual Artist.

Upcoming Exhibitions



April 19th - June 1st

2023 Exhibitions

When did you fall in love with hip hop?

Grand Closing Friday, November 17th

“As we proceed” to celebrate fifty years of hip hop, we’re definitely “giving you what you need,” with the exhibit “I Got Five-Oh On It”–curated by DUPP&SWAT. This multidisciplinary body of work, salutes “Old School” and “New School,” dips in and out of coasts–be it East or West–spends time in the “Dirty South” and traverses regions. Paying tribute to ALL the elements and pillars of Hip Hop, this exhibit welcomes your interaction, engagement and your humble opinion on “Top 5’s” cuz’ you know “it don’t stop!!”  
In the words of BOOSIE, we ‘bout to set it off!!’

Theme: Celebrate, educate, agitate!

Juneteenth 2023 Youth Artist Call

June 16th – July 17th

Join us for our Annual Juneteenth Celebration! Every Juneteenth we highlight the artists of the future! See how bright the Next Generation of Visual Artist shine! 

The life and legacy of Floyd B. McKissick Sr.

Durham Museum of History

Feb. – April 2023

The Museum of Durham History is thrilled to bring you our most expansive and innovative exhibit yet, a special look at the life and legacy of Floyd B. McKissick Sr.

To continue our unique “Museum Beyond Walls” vision, this exhibit will be presented at three meaningful Durham locations, each with a distinct theme and design.

  • The Museum of Durham History shares the background of McKissick Sr.’s life, upbringing, and the development of Soul City, as well as the L is for Legacy kids exhibit.
  • The Hayti Heritage Center takes an in-depth look into McKissick Sr.’s Black Power ideology.
  • The North Carolina Central University Law Building explores McKissick Sr.’s Civil Rights work, advocacy, and legal career.

Artist Submissions

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