Preserve the Heritage...Embrace the Experience!
Preserve the Heritage...
Embrace the Experience!

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Heritage Rhythms Dance Class


This class is taught by seasoned dance professionals Toni Hall and Ivy Burch.

Prepare to travel the African Diaspora in this energetic and culturally rich dance exploration. Let the rhythms of the drums and movements of the Motherland uplift your soul and jump-start your body.

The 90-minute class incorporates deep breathing, conditioning, and cardio intensive movements from various dance styles. Men and women of all levels are welcome. Childcare not provided. Space is limited. All are welcome to join us at Hayti! $7 per class. Guest instructors and master classes are programmed throughout the year for participants.



Monday from 6:30-8pm
*Cost: $7 per class*

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Location:  2nd Floor – Chuck Davis Dance Emporium

For more information call 919-683-1709


SA-TO’s Dance Academy

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Introduction to Dance Movement

Saturday (12pm – 12:50pm) 
Our introductory dance movement class has a special focus on Traditional African Movement and rhythm and the joy of dance. The young dancers and singers will explore rhythms, songs, movement, games, and dances from the Diaspora. Our focus will promote a positive beginning to the world of dance. The instructor is Toni K Hall, a founding member of the Chuck Davis African American Dance Ensemble and the Artistic Director of Collage Dance Company.

Dance Styles

Saturday (1pm – 2:30pm) 
Continues to concentrate on the wide world of “dance styles”, including African, Jazz Movements, Contemporary and Hip-Hop, seeking to diversify our dancers and build on their dance abilities and strengths. The class is energetic and challenging and will also include more advanced technique styles from African, Jazz, and Hip-Hop, presented by guest choreographers and teachers. The instructors will be Toni K Hall and Sadiyah Shakur-Saleem, as well as other guest artists.

Class designation is based on age, as well as prior dance experience. 

Drum Classes

Saturday (11am – 12pm) Level 1
Saturday (12pm – 1pm) Level 2
This class will introduce basic drum techniques and rhythm patterns from the Diaspora to aspiring and beginning drummers. The instructor, Teli Shabu is an accomplished musician with Shabutaso (The Shabu Family).

(We reserve the right to cancel or combine classes; based on enrollment)

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